At Capgemini I used to work as an Online & Social Business Consultant. Due to this position I’ve seen many businesses and that is what gave me the energy. My focus was Enterprise Social Networking, in short how to use social media internally. Online was a big part of the job, working with different teams at different clients and setting up the basics for a client, it was fun ! Below, find three of the assignments I had during my time at Capgemini

  • Online 85%
  • Project Management 25%
  • Team work 75%
  • Creativity 50%

Internal Social Media

Yammer integration at Dutch Beer Brewer


Department Positioning

Within large organization position a department


Interaction Design

Creating wireframes for new online application


Yammer integration at large beer brewer

The internal audit department of the beer brewer faced difficulties communicating over many countries, with different systems. Due to this lack of structured and unstructured communication the internal audit team didn’t feel like a team. With Yammer we were able to coach the team to be more engaged, feel more like a team and share information. 

My job was to coach the initiator on the functionalities, create engagement on the platform and to be the contact between Microsoft (yammer) and the brewer. It was fun to see the interaction growing. To see the people that firstly didn’t want anything to do with it starting to experience the benefits and to hear the team spread the word in the entire organization. 

Department Positioning


At a large organization in the centre of the Netherland I helped an internal department to ‘find and claim’ their spot within the organization. The department faced issues with who they were, had a somewhat boring internal presence and their role would become more important with an upcoming reorganization. I helped the team to find their passion, get this passion on paper and communicate this throughout the organization. 

I enjoyed this assignment a lot. To see the smiles on the faces of the team members if you can help them get their passion on paper. To hear the other teams seeing the department differently and seeing them as a business partner, rather than the ‘department that is a necessity’. Working with this team gave me energy in the workshops, the personal interaction and to see clear benefits from my actions. 

Interaction Design

This is typically an example of where I’m thrown in the lions den, and having to learn on the way. My first assignment at Capgemini was to temporary fill in for a colleague at a client. The wireframes and interaction designs of their campaigning websites needed to be created with software I had never used before. My passion for online, marketing communications and learning new stuff all integrated in one assignment. 

After this assignment I took part in a 4 day course by Human Factors International to become a Certified Usability Analyst. I than used this newly gathered knowledge to help another client to create a new system for captains to communicate their location, cargo and destination whilst traveling over the intricate waters of Holland. Speaking with captains, working with my team members and creating usable and clickable prototypes to test was a fun job.

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