At LOFT NedSense I was Marketing Manager in the business to business market. The target market of LOFT is Furniture Retail and Manufacturing. The software LOFT creates offer consumers the opportunity to transform a 2D photo in a 3D playing ground to redecorate their room in. Download the iPad app or check out I’d like to point out 3 main topics I addressed at LOFT during my time there.



  • Marketing 95%
  • Creativity 80%
  • Project Management 60%
  • Boring 15%


Update the branding of LOFT NedSense


Lead Nurturing

Work with sales to ‘get back on the radar’


Lead Generation

Content Marketing based on research


When I started at LOFT, their was no clear branding guide for the communication and marketing activities. Flyers, website and templates were being produced on the fly without a clear consistent approach that represented the innovative products it creates. As Marketing Manager it was my job to provide a up to date and consistent branding that did represent what LOFT stands for.

I started to work from what was already present. The branding didn’t need an entire overhaul, just bringing it up to date and making it consistent. The use of the logo, the templates and leaflets all received this overhaul. The big project however was to create an up to date website, using the old. Statistics showed a low conversion rate and visitors that were confused. With an external agency I created the new that represents what LOFT does and is conversion oriented.

Lead Nurturing

A product as LOFT requires big decisions within the clients business models. Therefore the sales cycles were long and sales and me as marketing manager operated together on ‘nurturing the leads’ using a campaign aimed at the existing contacts. The ‘Remember LOFT’ campaign consisted of a multi channel approach that used both traditional offline actions and online activities. Highlight of the campaign was the 3D printed sofa in a special printed pop-up-room the prospects received via post. With the sofa came the opportunity to order a special custom 3D print of their own best product. The aim was to get ‘on the radar’ of the existing leads. The newsletter click ratio’s, campaign site visits and number of sofas found on the desks of the prospect indicated a successful campaign

Lead Generation

Apart from nurturing existing leads, my role as marketing manager also allowed me to generate new leads, using a content marketing lead generation campaign. Based on external and internal research LOFT drafted 4 vision statements. These statements provided insight and thought leadership to 4 of the main issues in Furniture Retail today; showrooming, omni channel, the role of the store and when to invest. Around the 4 topics we created content such as whitepapers, blogs, newsletters, special webpages and infographics.

Generating leads by letting people find LOFT, rather than reaching out to them was the aim of this campaign. With content marketing we generated a fair amount of traffic to the special webpages, blogs and infographics, leading to downloads of the whitepaper. The download of the whitepaper was the main conversion point from which sales received leads. Find the first vision statement on showrooming on the website of LOFT NedSense.

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