At the Netherlands Institute for Sport and Physical Activity is where my working life started. Fresh out of school I got offered this job. The goal of NISB is to create awareness around the benefits of sports, in order for children and parents to be active for at least 30 minutes a day. At NISB I was a communication advisor, working with creatives, knowledge workers and external agencies to get the messages across. Starting with ‘de BeweegKuur’ and working on other campaigns such as ’30 minuten bewegen’ and ‘heel Nederland fietst’   


  • Internal Communications 65%
  • Commercial 20%
  • Project Based Communications 80%
  • Online 75%


BeweegKuur Project Communication


Internal Social Media

Yammer integration, leading to social awareness



Two awareness campaigns for NISB

BeweegKuur project Communication

For my first real job I was hired to organize an event to launch a big new project for the Netherlands Institute for Sports & Physical Activity (NISB). This required starting communication and branding from scratch. Together with creative minds I branded the project, had created the website, organized the launching event and created the start of the project. For almost 4 years after I was responsible for all the communications for the BeweegKuur. 

Internal Social Media + Intranet

Within NISB I was responsible for the new Intranet we had developed based on SharePoint. As project manager I worked closely with internal stakeholders, co-workers and external creative agencies to create a new intranet that everybody wanted to use. With the intranet came to request, mostly from the communications department, to communicate more and better within the organization. Therefore we started with Yammer, integrated this within the intranet and streamlined the internal communications. This was the first step to a blogging management team, the development of a social network and the twitter account still used today.


Goal of NISB was to get everybody to have at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. To achieve this, NISB launched a number of campaigns to make people aware of this 30 minutes benchmark number. In two of them I worked with the team for ideation, execution and as general team member. ’30minutenbewegen’ and ‘Heel Nederland Fietst’ were the campaigns and we got to do some cool stuff, ao: flashmobs, advertising with Nick&Simon (Dutch artists), websites, opening activities and working with creative agencies to create as much awareness in Holland as possible. 



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