During my freelance period at the Digital Agency Tam Tam I work as a Concept & Strategy guy. This means I did the work before the real development of websites, apps and other Digital Marketing stuff started. Sales pitches, account management, concepts en strategy for different clients. Tam Tam is a top 3 Digital Agency in Holland and I loved working with the creative hard working people in Amsterdam and Delft.


  • Digital Marketing 95%
  • Creativity 80%
  • Project Management 40%
  • Concepting 75%


Project & Concept for Sanoma Startpagina


Concepting for both ATL & BTL campaigns

Sales pitches

Pitches for multiple prospects


In Holland, Startpagina was the biggest site until 2004. They had millions of uniques per day. Then Google came along and took the place of the ‘starting page’ for many users of the Interwebs. Since the start of Startpagina in 1999 the visually changed very little to the page, but added multiple features. Now in 2014 Startpagina is part of Sanoma and is still with 700k uniques one of the biggest sites for Sanoma.

Nevertheless they lose 20% of visitors year over year. Therefor change is required. Startpagina asked 5 agencies to pitch their idea for Startpagina 2015 and beyond, and with a small team from Tam Tam we won this pitch. In the pitch period I was the business oriented guy to keep the ultra creative with their feet on the ground, and during the project I was project manager and concepter. Keep an eye out for the changes that Startpagina will make in 2015: I was at the bases of this change with the team of Tam Tam.


At Tam Tam I had one big continuing client for which I did a lot of work: UPC. The cable company that provides the fastest Internet speeds, phonelines, Television and as of recently Mobile packages. UPC has a lot of ATL and BTL campaigns to trigger people to buy their deals. During my freelance period at Tam Tam I was responsible for concept en account for a number of campaigns.

The fun part about these assignments was working with the creatives at Tam Tam, keeping track of the business side of things, and being the first line of contact to the client. It’s great fun thinking of new concepts with the team and making sure that it actually happens on time. Seeing your brainwaves come to live, and seeing them on the world wide web is great.

Sales and pitches for Tam Tam

In order to win pitches, Tam Tam has a bunch of sales guys employed. With this sales team I had the pleasure of creating pitches, have sales meetings at clients and win (or lose) these pitches. My role was usually to create the concept we pitch for the client, from a business point of view. Letting the creatives be creative and then making a concept that works for the business we are pitching for.

It is great to hear that customers want to work with us, based on the pitches I held. And specifically some clients saying they only want to work with me. This is fantastic to hear, but it is always a team effort, and I’m only the spokesperson.

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